How to Obtain a Land Survey

When you’re ready to purchase land or build something on existing property, a land survey is essential. Along with a survey being an essential document to complete a real estate transaction, most HOAs ask for one before you begin any fence installation.

Guide to Ornamental Iron Fences

As one of the more elegant fence styles homeowners turn to, you may have questions about purchasing an iron fence. Here we’re covering some of the more frequently asked questions along with information that’s hopefully helpful as you consider installing an ornamental iron fence.    

Pool Enclosures – What You Need to Know

Figuring out all the governing requirements for pool fencing can be a daunting task. First, you need to consider the state requirements, then the city, and lastly any HOA mandates. We’re covering the state of Texas and city of Austin fencing requirements here, so let’s get started.

10 Things to Know Before Building a Fence

Are you ready to put up a fence around your house and trying to make the best decision possible? The following factors can inform your choice in finding just the right fence: 

6 Foot Tall Cedar Cattle Panel Garden Fence

These are before and after pictures of a 6 Foot Tall Cedar Cattle Panel garden fence that we built for St. Michaels Academy in 2015.   This enclosure was designed to highlight the raised bed gardens that will be used by students and faculty and to keep pesky deer from getting to the “goods”.   Although some deer can jump 6 feet, we’ve found that they don’t like to jump into an enclosed area.   This height should work well to keep deer out and also is very aesthetically pleasing as a garden fence.  This style has been popular in Austin and surrounding areas.