Guide to Ornamental Iron Fences

As one of the more elegant fence styles homeowners turn to, you may have questions about purchasing an iron fence. Here we’re covering some of the more frequently asked questions along with information that’s hopefully helpful as you consider installing an ornamental iron fence.  

Should I buy an ornamental steel fence or wrought iron fence? 

There’s no easy answer but consider a few things here.

The materials on wrought iron fence require additional maintenance.  One way to ward off rust with wrought iron is applying a protective sealant.

Wrought iron fences are also more expensive, but are generally more durable. If you don’t live in an area with extreme winds where additional strength and durability is necessary, steel ornamental may be the more cost-effective choice

What specific styles are available with ornamental?

Looking at the below photos, you’ll notice many ornamental iron fences have a very stately and elegant look to them. Some of the timeless designs include: 

  • alternating picket heights    
  • arrowhead-shaped finial 
  • geometric ornaments 
  • scrollwork 

What maintenance is necessary for an ornamental iron fence?    

In addition to a sealant to protect against water from rain or a nearby pool, you’ll need to clean the fence. Use warm water, dish detergent, and a brush for harder to reach parts. During any cleaning check for cracks, signs of rust, or loose footings.

You can apply sandpaper or steel wool to remove small amounts of visible rust, but then if you haven’t already, use wax or a sealant.    

What are some the less expensive alternatives to ornamental iron fences? 

Ameristar’s ornamental steel fences provide a very similar look to wrought iron fences. Some of their lines like Montage have become a popular choice due to the maintenance free fence coating and durability of the materials.

Tired of getting the run around from fencing companies? Get a quote on an ornamental iron or steel fence today. We’d be happy to help!