Premiere Buda Fencing Company

Value, Quality and Affordability

With Sierra Fence, you don’t have to choose between a beautiful fence and one that provides safety and security – you can have both! With over 21 years of experience in the Buda fencing industry, our fencing experts work closely with each client to create a custom fence that suits their needs and personal tastes.

All of our Buda fencing projects start with a thorough consultation where our experts help clients sort through all of our different fencing options to select the best one for their project. We carry wood privacy fences, ornamental iron fencing and vinyl fences, and we can also customize a variety of more unique fencing options like cattle panel fencing, horizontal fencing, cedar split rail fencing and pool fencing.

No matter which fencing style you select, you will be treated to our value, quality and affordability at every turn.

Value at Every Turn

Unlike other fencing companies, Sierra Fence focuses on value in every step of the fence constructing process. We’re extremely selective in our purchasing of materials, focusing on the best quality at the best price. Our installation techniques are tried-and-true, and we pride ourselves on creating fences that will last the lifetime of your home. At the end of the day, we want you to feel both satisfied and comfortable with the purchase and installation of your fence.

Exceptional Quality

You won’t find better fences in Buda than the ones selected and customized by our fencing experts at Sierra Fence. We understand finicky Texas weather and natural elements, and know how to properly combat the negative side effects they can cause by selecting only the highest quality materials. We securely install all of our fences, including wood privacy, horizontal fencing and cedar split rail fences, and you can expect to enjoy the privacy and security they will bring for years to come.

Affordable Prices

Because we have been in the fencing industry for over 21 years, we’ve been able to develop relationships with fencing source material companies to give you the lowest price possible. Our experience has also perfected our installation methods, making us more efficient and costing you less money. We want to bring privacy, security and beauty to your home at a price your family can afford and is comfortable with.

Why Choose Sierra Fence

With over 21 years of fencing installation experience in Buda, we have become one of the most popular fencing companies around and we’re proud of it! We’ve worked hard to build and maintain our reputation as a fair and honest company, and understand that our customers want  fences of the highest-quality in their price range. We look forward to hearing about your fencing needs and are available for complimentary quotes. Give us a call today!