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Choosing the Right Style of Wood Fence For Your Home

You may have scoured through a few photos in your search for your fence of choice. However there are some clear advantages and trends around wood fences. Here are some of the most popular wood fence styles in Austin and Central Texas along with some options and information to keep in mind.

Styles of Ornamental Fence

If you’re looking at adding an ornamental style fence around your Austin home or commercial property, here are a few of the most popular designs to explore.

To Stain or Not to Stain your Fence

Are you thinking about mixing up your home style or updating the exterior? Keep in mind these benefits as you decide whether or not to stain your fence.

Fence Etiquette – Who Gets the “Good Side” of the Fence

You’re ready for the added privacy and security a fence gives you. But like any good neighbor you’re not looking to accidentally offend anyone next door. Learning proper etiquette when putting in a fence can ensure you’re invited to your neighbor’s next backyard BBQ.

Farm and Ranch Style Fencing Options

Sometimes the only sound you’ll hear is the wind blowing through the trees on your property. It may seem like there isn’t a problem in the world. But for all the peace and quiet living in the Hill Country can provide, there are issues you’ll need to stay on top of to continue enjoying your time in the countryside. When it comes to keeping out unwanted intruders, whether it’s people or animals, fencing is your first line of protection. Country homeowners, consider these fencing options.

Benefits of Cedar Split Rail Fencing

One of the most practical solutions for multi-acre properties and country homes are western red cedar split rail fences. The cost-efficient and weather resistant materials have made it a staple throughout the Texas Hill Country.

Replace vs. Repair: When is the Right Time for a Brand New Fence?

Perhaps over time the Texas humidity and rain has aged or broken down parts of it. A fence is a solid investment in your property. Also consider the following scenarios in deciding on a fence replacement over a repair.

How to Obtain a Land Survey

When you’re ready to purchase land or build something on existing property, a land survey is essential. Along with a survey being an essential document to complete a real estate transaction, most HOAs ask for one before you begin any fence installation.

Guide to Ornamental Iron Fences

As one of the more elegant fence styles homeowners turn to, you may have questions about purchasing an iron fence. Here we’re covering some of the more frequently asked questions along with information that’s hopefully helpful as you consider installing an ornamental iron fence.    

What to Expect When Building or Replacing a Fence

When you look to build a new fence, or replace an old one, you may not know what to expect with the fence installation. Here’s what to anticipate through-out the fence building process.

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