The Best Types of Fence Paint

Whether you’re trying to preserve the wood in your wood privacy fence or improve the curb appeal of your metal fence, exterior paint is a quick way to improve the entire aesthetic of your property. However, not all paint is created equally; below we will cover the best types of paint to coat your wood and metal fences.

Wood Fence Paint

You can extend the life of your wood fence by staining or painting the wood to protect it from UV rays, moisture, and other natural elements. Both offer several colors to choose from. Here are our top tips for selecting paint or stain for a wood fence:

Choosing a Paint

No matter if your fence is new or old, the first step in any successful fence restoration project is
picking a high-quality stain or paint. While both latex and oil-based paints are graded for exterior use, latex is used more frequently for wood fences. Unlike latex paint, oil-based paint can easily crack when faced with moisture, snow, and other weather elements. Latex paint, on the other hand, is more flexible and can expand and contract as the weather and temperature changes.

In fact, because latex paint is water-based, it boasts a slew of other qualities that make it perfect for an outdoor fencing project. Latex paint can be cleaned up with water, is non-flammable, and won’t turn yellow with age.

Metal Fence Paint

Painting your metal fence is the primary barrier between metal and rust formation. Additionally, many homeowners choose to paint their metal fences to soften their look and better match their home’s exteriors. Before you paint your metal fence, make sure all rust has been removed and you have a clean slate to apply the primer. Select your metal fence paint using the following pointers:

Choosing a Primer

Once your fence is free of rust and debris, a primer specified for metal surfaces will need to be applied. The metal primer will create a smooth surface for the exterior paint to stick to, while smoothing out any nicks or inconsistencies in the metal.

Choosing a Paint

The type of paint base you use to paint your metal fence isn’t as important as the “for metal” specification the paint carries. You can either use acrylic-based paint or oil-based paint, but many people prefer acrylic paint because of the cons we mentioned for oil-based paint above. Be sure to speak to a paint professional for guidance and recommendations.

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