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Horizontal-style--fence-with-stain-hpQuality Fences, Affordable Prices

While other fencing companies may prioritize security over aesthetics, or design you a beautiful fence that does nothing for privacy, at Sierra Fence we believe your fence should be just as beautiful as it is functional. With our 21 years of experience in the Pflugerville fencing industry, we’ve customized a wide-variety of fences to fit the needs of our customers. Whether you’re looking for classic wood privacy or ornamental iron fence, or the more unique cattle panel fencing, horizontal fencing, cedar split rail fencing or pool fencing, Sierra Fence is the right team for the job.

No matter which fencing variety is the right choice for you, every time you choose Sierra Fence you will be treated to our consistent quality and affordability.

High-Quality Fences

We pride ourselves in creating and customizing the highest-quality fences available in Pflugerville. Not only do we utilize the best materials available, but our expert installation techniques help combat the natural Texas elements and ensure your fence lasts the lifetime of your home. Our goal is to create a fence that will keep your backyard secure and beautiful for years to come.

Affordable Fencing

No matter your budget, we will have a fence variety for your home. The relationships that we’ve developed with fencing material manufacturers in our 21 years of business have allowed us to pass the lowest prices onto your project. In addition, unlike other fencing companies, you won’t find us working on a project for days that never seems to go anywhere. Our secure and efficient installation techniques ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your fence as soon as possible.


Why Choose Sierra Fence?

Our goal has always been to provide you the best fence, at the best price, every time. We don’t skimp on materials to fulfill that promise, but rather we use our experience to ensure you’re not paying for unnecessary labor or pricey materials. We’re proud to be recognized as a fair and honest fencing company and we look forward to introducing you to our exceptional service. Give our team of fencing experts a call today!