What Makes for a Noise Reducing Fence?

The benefits of fences are endless, adding privacy, security, and in some cases, noise-reduction. Not all fences boast noise-reduction capabilities, but the ones that do can make the pain of living on a busy street or next to noisy neighbors a thing of the past. If you’re interested in adding a noise-reducing fence to your yard, make sure it has the following elements.

Limit Fence Gaps

One of the best ways to block noise in your backyard is with a fence with minimal gaps. Limited space in between fence posts and panels will result in maximum noise reduction. Wood fences are a perfect example of a fence with limited gaps that reduce noise well. Certain styles of vinyl fences also offer limited gaps in between the fence sections, however, vinyl tends to be a lighter material which doesn’t translate as well to blocking noise.

Add Height

The best-constructed fence won’t offer any noise-reducing properties if it’s too short. Instead, design your fence to be as tall as regulations allow to prevent sound waves from traveling over your short fence right into your yard. To determine what fencing height options you have at your disposal, contact your Home Owner’s Association if your neighborhood has one and refer to your city’s guidelines.

Choose Heavier Materials

The heavier the fencing material, the better it will be at blocking sound. Redwood and cedar are some of the best fencing materials for reducing noise because of their strength and mass. These qualities double in making your fence extremely durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. The best part about using wood for your noise-reduction fence is that it blends well with any home style – you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

Enhance Sturdiness

The sturdier and more solid your fence is, the better it will be at reducing noise. The best way to ensure you’re getting a well-built and sturdy fence is to select a reliable and experienced fencing contractor that uses quality materials. Keep in mind, that just because a fence is new, doesn’t mean that it is sturdy and of high-quality. Only an experienced fencing installer, like Sierra Fence, can assure you of your fence’s durability.

You don’t need to choose a fencing variation that was specifically manufactured for noise-reduction to keep your backyard quiet. You also don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for noise-reducing functionality. Instead, making minor alterations to existing tried-and-true fence types and choosing a highly experienced fencing team can vastly reduce the noise you experience while enjoying your backyard.

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