Alternatives to Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences have been a popular fencing choice for commercial and residential properties for decades, however, they’re often not the best choice. Not only are chain link fences unattractive, but they don’t create as much privacy or security as other fence alternatives. Before you take the plunge into installing a chain link fence, consider one of these following fence alternatives.

Option #1: Wood Privacy Fence

Horizontal Style Fence

Horizontal Style Fence

Wood privacy fences are the most popular fence on the market for obvious reasons. Not only are they durable and low-maintenance, but they provide complete privacy and security. Wood privacy fences can be installed with vertical or horizontal planks to fit your personal aesthetic. Horizontal wood fences tend to look more modern, while vertical fences are more traditional.

Wood privacy fences don’t need daily, monthly, or even yearly care, but every few years they should be cleaned and stained. Not only does the stain provide beautifully rich color, but the stain also helps preserve the wood and prevents premature decay. Essentially, staining your wood fence will keep it beautiful and strong, longer.

Option #2: Aluminum or Iron Fences

Bronze color 5 foot fence with 3 rails

bronze color 5 foot fence with 3 rails

If the see-through feature of a chain link fence is appealing to you, consider installing a more upscale aluminum or iron fence. Iron fences come with a variety of decorative iron spears, caps, and finials, so there is sure to be an option that will complement your home. When deciding between iron and aluminum, price is usually the final factor. Aluminum fences give you the look of an iron fence at a more affordable price, however iron is a much stronger metal than the lightweight aluminum.

Aluminum and iron fences don’t have the risk of rusting like a chain link fence because they’re coated in a weather-proof paint. If the paint ever does wear off, the rust can be spot-treated and the paint reapplied. This fencing variation doesn’t have the privacy and sound-blocking qualities that wood fences have, however, if you were considering a chain link fence, those may not be must-have qualities.

At the end of the day, the right fence for you is one that fits your lifestyle, home’s exterior, and family dynamics. Lucky for you, Sierra Fence customizes and installs all the above fencing options. Still unsure of what fence is right for you? Give us a call for a consultation!