How to Plan for a New Fence

Before you start planning for a new fence, there are some important factors to consider. Fencing increases curb appeal and security when done correctly, plus it can add value to any home. Just like any major home project, fencing requires planning to get the look you want.

So, where do you start?

Find Your Purpose

You know you want a new fence around your property, but why? Pinpointing the reasons why you really want to build this new addition to your home will help narrow down the options and assist in budgeting, choosing materials, and deciding whether or not you want to hire a professional.

Here are some common reasons for building a fence:

  • Protecting your family’s privacy from potential intruders and passerby
  • Guarding children and pets
  • Creating a definitive boundary from a neighbor’s property
  • Adding flair to your home, increasing curb appeal, and value
  • Blocking off a specific area, such as a pool, fish pond, or garden

Build Within Your Budget

Planning for your new fence will of course require a financial commitment, so this should be the next item on your list. Once you know what style of fence you want, you can begin to measure your property lines, work out any necessary permits and figure out how much fence you really need. The great thing about fencing is that there are plentiful options for building materials, so you can research each one and do a cost analysis. Better yet, call a pro who can do the work for you! Builders are always happy to work with you to provide options so you can find the best fence for your budget.

Some popular choices are wood, vinyl, chain-link, and wrought iron fencing.

Be a Good Neighbor

Before you start on the project, it’s best to talk to your neighbors if your new fence will impact their property line in any way. You may find they’re even willing to divide up the cost of a new fence if it’s mutually beneficial for each property owner. Discussing which styles you had in mind can also save the hassle later if your neighbors decide they don’t like the look of the fence you choose. You may also want to hire a land surveyor to make sure everything is divided evenly. Lastly, remember to contact the city & county to check for any necessary permits before getting started!

Once you have the green light, you can go ahead and purchase your new fencing materials and get started on building the fence of your dreams.

And remember, if you’re not comfortable taking on a large fencing project, leave it up to the pros. Sierra Fence is just a phone call away, and with our 26 years of experience, we’ll make sure you get the perfect look for your property.