The Pros and Cons of Ornamental Iron Fences

richard with iron ornamental fence and gate

Ornamental iron fences are an extremely popular fencing choice, and for good reasons. Particularly popular in the Central Texas area, ornamental iron fences have a lot of positive features, but like any fence, iron fences come with their own set of negative attributes. If you’re considering adding an ornamental iron fence to your property, take a look at our list of their pros and cons in our blog post below!

Pros of Ornamental Iron Fences

As we mentioned, ornamental iron fences are popular for quite a few reasons. First of all, they have a timeless and classic look. No matter what style home you have, an ornamental iron fence will complement it nicely. Although iron fences tend to have a classic look, you can add a variety of wrought iron additions to make the fence look modern or even more traditional.

Besides the aesthetics ornamental iron fences host, they’re also extremely durable. Their strength and durability makes them an excellent choice for backyards that get a lot of action. Whether it’s from large pets, intense rainstorms or high winds, ornamental iron fences are up to the task.

Another positive feature of ornamental iron fences is that they’re pest proof. Unlike wood fences which can become overrun with termites, bugs and other pests, ornamental iron fences are fairly indestructible. Of course, if larger pests invading your property are an issue, you might want to consider adding a vinyl coated wire mesh to the bottom of the fence to prevent access.

Ornamental iron fences are also maintenance free. The powder-coated galvanized steel prevents rust and the coating won’t peel or flake. Some fading may occur over the years, but that’s to be expected with anything left out in the Texas sun.

The best part of ornamental iron fences is the price! While most people assume wood privacy fencing is the most cost-effective fencing choice, ornamental iron fences are frequently less expensive than wood privacy fences. Of course the pricing will vary based on the amount of property that needs to be fenced in, and the terrain of the property, but generally speaking, ornamental iron fences will be an economical solution.

Cons of Ornamental Iron Fences

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and that includes ornamental fences. The largest drawback of ornamental iron fences is they don’t provide nearly as much privacy as other fencing options. Because iron fences are open concept and have gaps, people and neighbors can potentially see into your yard and home. Keep in mind however, that’s when creative landscaping can come into play.

Is an ornamental iron fence the right choice for you? Hopefully this post has answered some of your outstanding questions and has helped you decipher between the pros and cons of this fencing choice. Whether you still have questions, or are ready to install a fence, give our fencing experts a call today!