How to Maintain a Wrought Iron Fence

Your wrought iron fence is not only a statement piece in your backyard, but it’s also a security barrier for your entire home, so you want to ensure it’s constantly in tip-top shape. There are a couple of ways you can maintain the look and quality of your wrought iron fence, and we’ll dive into them below!

1. Protect

Although todays iron fencing is relatively maintenance free, some preventative maintenance will help you avoid major repairs and constant upkeep. As soon as your fence is installed, adjust any sprinklers or replace heads so that they do not spray on or through the fence. Over time the hard water & mineral deposits can lead to rust and further damages. You should also keep weeds, vines and limbs away from the fence to prevent rubbing and scratching.

2. Regular Inspections

You can’t find instances of damage or rust without inspections of your fence. You should occasionally be looking for spots of rust and problem areas that might arise. During your inspection, keep an eye out for missing hardware such as post caps and replace it if you can. If you can’t find an exact match, you can reach out to the fence manufacturer for replacement parts.

3. Repair Rust

Even with some of the best preventative measures, rust can still form. You can typically remove minor rust spots by cleaning them off with a small wire-brush and touching up with spray paint. Tackling these small patches of rust early on will prevent you from having to deal with large expanses of rust down the line. We recommend Rustoleum Professional Gloss Black spray paint.

Now that you understand the best ways to maintain your wrought iron fence, is this fence the right choice for your home? Call our experts at Sierra Fence today for all your fence needs, or simply book your fencing consultation to get started.