Replace vs. Repair: When is the Right Time for a Brand New Fence?

Do you have a fence that’s probably seen better days?

Perhaps over time the Texas humidity and rain has aged or broken down parts of it. A fence is a solid investment in your property. Also consider the following scenarios in deciding on a fence replacement over a repair.    

Fence Warranty 

Before you go any further, check for any manufacturer warranty and what it covers to help inform your decision.    

Type of Fence 

Some fencing materials such as light wood are far more prone to damage due to weathering from the sun, insects, or moisture.

Replacing those materials with similar types will just lead to the same issue later. And in the instance of wood, a new panel is going to look a different color regardless of paint.    

In that case, a fence replacement may make more sense.    

On an aluminum fence, common issues include unsteady posts which are a relatively easy repair with gravel or soil. Some rail or section repairs though may need welding.  

Replacing Fence Posts 

A fence post replacement is generally more costly than a rail or picket replacement as the post needs to be dug up in a repair. For multiple fence posts requiring removal, it’s likely more efficient to replace the fence.    

Replacing Fence Panels & Pickets 

With deciding on a replacement over a repair or vice versa, consider the amount of time you may need to invest in not only ordering parts but also finding the right color to match the existing fencing.    

The manufacturer could still have the same design, but once the rest of your fence reaches a certain age, the new panels will look out of place. A repainting is possible across the fencing but again consider time versus cost.     

Age of the Fence 

If you have a property originally built in the 1970’s the fence may either: 

  • no longer have the replacement parts available from the manufacturer   
  • exceeded its lifespan 

With more Austin homeowners updating and renovating homes in keeping up to date on design trends, don’t forget about fences. As you drive around, you’ll notice that many modern homes feature a horizontal fence in their designs.  

Additional Privacy 

Seeking more privacy? A privacy fence probably makes more sense then. Installing additional landscaping can be a potential stopgap; however, it is not the most cost-effective and timely solution.  

Dependable Fences

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