What to Expect When Building or Replacing a Fence

When you look to build a new fence, or replace an old one, you may not know what to expect with the fence installation. Here’s what to anticipate through-out the fence building process.

Initial Quote

First, an experienced fencing contractor will measure and survey the proposed fence line on your property to provide you with a free quote. In this initial visit, we can go over any concerns, design suggestions, and gather critical information including:   

  • Location & Length of the Fence Line
  • Land Considerations
  • Design & Material Options
  • Features such as Automatic Gates

Pre-Installation Preparation

After our initial visit, we provide you with a proposal based on the information we gather. After we receive your final approval and signed contract we will begin the pre-installation process.

The first step is to obtain HOA approval and/or any permits if necessary. In Austin, a fence permit is only required for a privacy fence that is over 7 feet tall. We can install taller privacy fence in certain situations, as long as you get consent from all neighbors. We recommend getting their consent in writing. In other cities within the greater Austin Area, such as Lakeway and Georgetown, permits are required for most fence installations.

Also, you will likely want to discuss this process with any neighbors that have a shared property line with you, to see whether they are open to sharing the costs.

Prior to installation, if necessary, we will request a “utilities locate” from the city to find any potential cables or lines that may be buried underground so we can avoid any mishaps.

Construction Process

Lead time can vary; however, we can usually start two weeks upon your final approval with a signed contract. Please note, in most circumstances we do not require a deposit prior to completion.

Most fence installations typically take two business days to complete, depending on the size of the job and any extenuating circumstance such as poor weather conditions or unexpected job complications such as rocky ground conditions.

When we begin construction, we’ll remove any existing fence, and/or clear any brush from the fence line. After marking the fence line, we will begin by digging post holes and installing the posts. Once the posts are set, we will return the following day to complete your project. (Occasionally, for smaller projects we can finish in one day with the use of quick-setting concrete.)

While on your property, we try to be as minimally invasive as possible. The noise level can vary depending on what equipment is necessary to install the fence, such as generators or jackhammers.

Your contractor will examine the fence during and/or after the construction process to ensure it meets our standards of quality.

For a free estimate on your fence replacement, contact us today.