How to Obtain a Land Survey

Prep-work Before Installation

When you’re ready to purchase land or build something on existing property, a land survey is essential. Along with a survey being an essential document to complete a real estate transaction, most HOAs ask for one before you begin any fence installation.

Where to Get a Land Survey

If you have your deed ready, you can get a free quote from many local land surveyors.

In Austin, TX a land survey averages just over $500.

Obviously, keep in mind that can fluctuate based on a number of factors such as the size of the property and how soon you need a survey done. Surveys can also be less expensive if there is a previous survey on file with a local tax collector, assessor, or other government offices.   

A reputable engineering firm can check for you whether anyone has a previous survey on file and should charge you less since some of the information they would collect is already on file.   

Assuming you are looking to install a fence, make sure you have already decided on a fence installation company before shopping around on land surveyors.   

Confirm with the fence contractors if they prefer to have the stakes already set in from a land surveyor before beginning work.

If so, make sure the surveyor includes the stakes and verify the stakes are temporary wood or permanent rebar. Also when they put in stakes confirm how far apart they’ll install them. The general rule of thumb is no more than 25 to 40 feet between each.    

For Central Texas homeowners as part of your due diligence in hiring a land surveyor, check if  they have a license with Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying.

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