Pool Enclosures – What You Need to Know

Figuring out all the governing requirements for pool fencing can be a daunting task. First, you need to consider the state requirements, then the city, and lastly any HOA mandates. We’re covering the state of Texas and city of Austin fencing requirements here, so let’s get started.

Pool Fence Regulations Mandated by the State of Texas

Chapter 757 of the State Health and Safety Code in Texas requires all home pool fencing to be at least 48 inches in height and not have an opening large enough to permit the passage of a four-inch diameter sphere. Pool gates must swing out and be self-closing with a latch that will fasten automatically once the gate closes. The latch should be placed no less than 60” from the ground.  Additionally, it prohibits chain link fencing for new pool enclosures, among other materials that would be easy to climb.  These are the main restrictions, but there are other detailed requirements.

Austin Ordinances for Pool Fencing

If you’re installing a new pool, it will be inspected, which includes an inspection of the fence.  You won’t get a final approval on your permit unless the fence passes inspection. When checking the City of Austin pool codes, keep in mind whether the pool is for public or private use. For homeowners installing new pools, the following applies in the city of Austin:

§ 10-7-41 – Pool Enclosure For Private Facility: The operator of a private facility located outdoors shall enclose the facility in the manner prescribed by this section.

  • Must be at least four feet in height from the area outside the fence.
  • Enclosure may include a fence, wall, or building.
  • May not include an opening large enough to permit the passage of a four-inch diameter sphere.  In some cities, the gap below the fence between the fence and ground may not exceed 2” as measured from outside the fence.  (Lakeway is particularly strict about this.)
  • Gates need to swing away from the pool and the latch must be at least 60” from the ground.

Additional Surrounding Area Requirements


The city of Lakeway has specific fencing guidelines. They have pool specific guidelines similar the regulations outlined above. However, a building permit is required for any new fence construction.


For Georgetown residents, a fencing permit is also necessary to build a new fence. Georgetown Utility Systems has further information on height limitations and other requirements.  Please check with City of Georgetown before you plan your fence project.

In some locations outside of city jurisdiction, a fence may not be legally required.  However, your Home Owners insurance may still necessitate building a fence enclosure for your pool.

HOA Regulations

Your homeowner’s association may also outline certain design, material, and/or height restrictions. Contact them before approving any specific designs for installation. Many higher-end neighborhoods require an architectural review before plans can be implemented.

As always, please inquire as to your local regulations or fencing company regarding pool fence, permits and codes. For pool fence installation in Austin, Lakeway, Dripping Springs, Driftwood, Round Rock and other areas, contact us today.