Farm and Ranch Style Fencing Options

Sometimes the only sound you’ll hear is the wind blowing through the trees on your property. It may seem like there isn’t a problem in the world.

But for all the peace and quiet living in the Hill Country can provide, there are issues you’ll need to stay on top of to continue enjoying your time in the countryside.

When it comes to keeping out unwanted intruders, whether it’s people or animals, fencing is your first line of protection.

Country homeowners, consider these fencing options.

Cattle Panel Fencing

For a more traditional or clean rustic look, consider a cattle panel fence using dimensional cedar. This fencing cannot only help keep out smaller critters but also can be used as an enclosure for horses and other animals.

In Austin, property owners also use cattle panel fencing around gardens to keep deer and other critters out. It’s a very nice look for a garden.

Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fences are another classic and timeless style with the dual purpose of keeping livestock or dogs in while keeping out unwelcome guests. With the addition of woven wire stretched along the fence, smaller animals are less likely to make it through. Cedar Split Rail is a great value on larger properties and it’s also a very long lasting material. Unlike treated pine rail fence, cedar is much more stable and less likely to warp and twist.

Horse Rail Fencing

Another sturdy option for Farm & Ranch Style is a Horse Rail Fence.  Usually installed on treated pine posts or round pine timbers in can include 3-rail or a 4-rails, usually 4ft. or 5ft. tall.  Rails consist of 1” x 6” pine corral boards, 2” x 6” treated pine or 2” x 6” cedar.  It’s common in paddock areas or perimeter areas containing horses & livestock but can be a nice complement to any rural property.  It has a nice “farm” look but is slightly less rustic than the Cedar Split Rail. Woven wire can also be stretched along this fence to keep pets in and other animals out.

Ornamental Steel Fencing

Many modern country homes and updated ranch properties are suited for ornamental steel fence. The durability and elegant look of ornamental steel make it a very popular choice. Another option would be to combine the ornamental steel around the main residence and switch
to other ranch types elsewhere to reduce the cost.

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