The Three Best Types of Perimeter Fencing

Whether you have acreage, or a small backyard, a perimeter fence will enclose your entire property and keep it secure and private. Perimeter fences are typically used to either keep things in (like pets) or keep things out (like intruders or wild animals). The great thing about perimeter fencing is there is a style that will suit every home.

Below we will dive into three of our favorite perimeter fencing types and styles and explain both the pros and cons of each.

Ornamental Steel Fence

You may commonly see ornamental steel fences in upscale neighborhoods, but they’re also a great option for large expanses of space that need even and secure coverage. The largest perk of ornamental steel fences is they’re see-through so you can enjoy the views outside your property. Although you may have a great view, the downside of the gaps between the bars is that they’re not as secure. Smaller animals can easily slip in and out and depending on your needs, this could become a problem.

If you are in love with the look of ornamental steel fences however, you can add black wire mesh to the bottom half to help prevent unwanted visitors. The black wire mesh blends in nicely with the fence and does not detract from the over-all aesthetics. Just make sure you keep an eye on the wire as it won’t be permanently installed.

Cedar Privacy Fence

The most secure and private of the fencing options featured in this post is the cedar privacy fence. With privacy fences, you have your desired height, and little to no gaps in between the planks for prying eyes to see through. Although you will have great privacy, you won’t be able to see anything beyond your perimeter. While in some instances this may be a positive, when you’re surrounded by greenery or wildlife this is usually seen as a negative.

One of the other cons of cedar privacy fences is they don’t allow any light to shine through, so your backyard may be a little dark. Additionally, installing cedar privacy fences around the perimeter of a large property may become a little pricey because of its labor intensive installation process.

Rail Fences

The most versatile of the fencing types mentioned, rail fences can be customized to fit any budget and any style. Common varieties of rail fences include: cedar split rail fences, vinyl rail fences and horse rail fences. Each of these fencing types can be further customized with the addition of wire to increase security and prevent even the smallest creatures from getting in (or out) of your property.

Most likely you will select the type of rail fencing based on your personal taste. For example, if you like a more rustic look, cedar split rail fences might do the trick, whereas vinyl rail fences provide a cleaner, more contemporary look. Unless you add wire, each type of rail fence will provide the same security, and the longevity and durability of each fencing option are comparable. Just select your favorite look and we’ll start building it!

Will one of these three perimeter fencing types serve your property well? Give our fence contractor a call for a complimentary consultation today!