Benefits of Cedar Split Rail Fencing

When it comes to keeping your home or business safe, there are plenty of fencing options to choose from. When you have a large property or live in a more rural area however, one fencing choice reigns supreme: cedar split rail fencing. Below we’ll dive into some of our favorite benefits of this fencing option!

Natural Look

One of the best parts of cedar split rail fencing is the natural way it blends into your property. Cedar is a common tree in Texas, making it the perfect way to protect and define your property without causing a major disruption to the natural landscape.


With a split rail fence, you don’t have to worry about installing posts centimeters apart like you would with a standard wood privacy fence. This makes split rail fencing more scalable for larger property sizes and helps keep your fencing costs down – imagine how expensive it would be to fence in 20 acres of property with privacy fencing! With split rail fencing, you can keep your property secure at an affordable cost.

Weather Resistant

Cedar is an extremely durable wood, making it a great option for outdoor fencing. Like anything else, the weather and natural elements can take their toll on a fence. Cedar however, can withstand snow, rain and extreme heat much better than alternate wood options.

Additionally, the natural oils within cedar will help to deter any damage from insects (like termites) and rotting.


Historically, the fencing option for large properties was barbed wire. Although barbed wire is an economical option, it can also be a dangerous one. If you have children, or any type of animals, barbed wire is not a safe option. Cedar split rail fencing however, allows you to block off your property without the worry of endangering your pets, children or even ranch animals. Ranch fencing, a type of cedar fence, is a safe option due to its sturdy construction and lack of sharp edges or wires.


Cedar split rail fencing has a variety of different looks and styles to fit any need or any home or property type. Split rail fencing can be installed with either two or three rails, depending on the look you’re going for, and the purpose of your fence. Additionally, you can choose to stain the wood or leave it natural to fit your personal design tastes.

With cedar split rail fences, you can also choose to combine them with limestone columns or stone columns to give your fence an upgraded look. Using stone or limestone columns with a cedar split rail fence is a perfect option for your property’s entry way, or any street-facing sections that you want to amplify the curb appeal.

Do you have small pets that you would like to keep in your property? Or maybe small animals that you would like to keep out? We can install our cedar split rail fencing with wire to ensure your pet’s safety and keep your property safe from pests and varmints. The flexibility with cedar splint fencing really is endless!

There is really no fencing job that cedar split rail fencing cannot handle. Cedar split rail fences are perfect for large properties, entryways, pool fences or enclosures for your livestock, horses and pets. If you’re ready to make the switch to cedar rail fencing, give Sierra Fence a call today for a free quote!