Masonry Fences: Give Your Home An Upgraded Look

Have you looked around your yard lately and thought that it could use some updating? It’s easy to know how to upgrade and update the inside of your home, but it can be more difficult to decide how to upgrade your curb appeal. There are a couple ways to amplify the look of the exterior of your home:

Add landscaping: The quickest way to update the curb appeal of your home is by planting flowers, shrubs and grass. This will make your home look well-taken care of, fresh and new.

Paint your front door: Although painting your house can be effective, sometimes that’s not an option if your neighborhood has an HOA or if your home is made with stone or brick. Painting your front door can still provide an impact.

Add masonry fencing: Updating your fencing to masonry fencing will give your home an upgraded look with the added benefit of extra privacy and security.

While adding landscaping and painting your front door are more more self-explanatory, masonry fencing requires a little more explanation.

What is Masonry Fencing?

Masonry fencing is a type of fence that can be made with a variety of materials like brick, cast stone, concrete block, granite, limestone, marble stone or stucco. The chosen materials are then bound together by mortar or as interlocking units.

You can choose to make your fence as tall or as short as you would like, and choose the stone material that best complements your home style. 

Benefits of Masonry Fences

Masonry fencing can quickly give your home an upgraded look and bring a style to your home that you can’t get from other types of fencing. While chain link fences are known for their quick and easy installation, masonry fences offer long-lasting benefits that can endure for a lifetime.

Since masonry fencing is made from stone, it is naturally pest and fire resistant. Unlike wood fences which can be susceptible to termites, mold and fungus, with masonry fencing you won’t have to worry about the upkeep that wooden fences require. When well-constructed, masonry fencing can withstand elements better than wood.

Additionally, masonry fencing is well-known for its ability to block sound. This makes it the perfect fit for homes near busy streets or in other noisy areas. When you choose masonry fencing, you’re also choosing a ‘green’ choice, since it’s not depleting wood resources.

Disadvantages of Masonry Fences

The biggest disadvantage of masonry is the upfront cost. While chain link and wood fences are cheaper initially, in the long run, masonry fencing will save you a lot of money. Masonry fencing doesn’t require the upkeep that other fence types may require, therefore saving you money overtime and making the initial investment worth it.

If you’re thinking masonry fencing could be the right choice for your home, give us a call today or visit our online quote request form for a free quote!