Garden Fence Ideas

No matter if you have a vegetable, herb, or flower garden, it’s undoubtedly an important part of your home. Of course with pesky pests and excitable dogs, when left unprotected, your garden can quickly become destroyed. That’s why it’s essential that you protect your garden with a garden fence.

Luckily, you aren’t limited to a single fencing style – there are plenty to choose from! Simply select your favorite from the list below.

Cedar Split Rail

This fencing style will protect your garden from larger animals, but the gaps between the cedar railing will allow you to continue watching your garden grow. It won’t keep dear out, but one of the best parts of choosing a cedar split rail fence as protection for your garden is, they are made with a natural material – cedar – which will perfectly complement the greenery of your garden and yard. Additionally, a wire mesh can be added to keep the smaller animals out.

Lattice Fencing

Like the cedar split rail fencing, lattice fencing will also provide you with gaps to view the progress of your garden. Lattice can be used for the entirety of your garden fence, or it can be added as a trellis for vines or as a screen for privacy – whichever you prefer. Lattice fencing is frequently described as charming and elegant, so it’s the perfect backyard addition to your traditional home.

Cattle Panel Fencing

Another great choice is cedar cattle panel. While cattle panel fencing will prevent medium and large-sized animals and pests from entering your garden, small ones will still be able to squeeze through the gaps in the cattle panels. That being said, the gaps in the cattle panels will ensure that you’re able to enjoy watching your garden grow. The combination of dimensional cedar and galvanized cattle panel creates a more contemporary, yet rustic look. This is a popular choice for use as a garden enclosure. Heaight can vary between 4 to 8 feet.


Gates are an important part of garden fences and are an important element to discuss. If you add a garden fence that’s high enough to keep out large critters, you will also need to install a gate so you can get into the enclosure. While the fencing style you choose will be the primary factor in choosing a gate, you’ll still have some flexibility in its specifics.

Now that you understand all the options you have when it comes to garden fences, do you know which one will best fit your backyard? Give fencing contractor Sierra Fence a call for all of your garden fence needs today!