Choosing the Right Style of Wood Fence For Your Home

You may have scoured through a few photos in your search for your fence of choice. However there are some clear advantages and trends around wood fences. Here are some of the most popular wood fence styles in Austin and Central Texas along with some options and information to keep in mind.

Wood Privacy Fence

Many homeowners turn to wood privacy for their backyards as there is no space between the pickets. Add decorative touches to your wood privacy fence with decorative caps, trim, or lattice tops. A private fence can use cedar which is less prone to warping compared to other wood materials.

Cattle Panel Fencing

Protect your garden or give you home a distinctly hill country flair with a cattle panel fence. Red Cedar Wood Fences or pine outlines each frame so you also have more favorable materials with your fence when dealing with Austin’s weather

Horizontal Wood Fence

Many modern homes are turning to custom wood fences featuring horizontal panels. Like traditional wood fences you can add shadow boxes to let more light through while still enjoying the additional privacy of your new fence.

Cedar Split Rail Fencing

For larger ranch properties, many turn to cedar split rail fencing to communicate to others their property lines and to enclose any of their animals. To keep smaller wildlife out you can also add wire between the rails. Split rail not only can be installed to adjust to your land’s terrain, you can also include stone columns and other decorative features to your property’s entryway.

For Central Texas homeowners, contact us today to get started with installing a new fence. If wood fencing isn’t the best option for your home we can help you find the perfect fit.