Pros and Cons of Adding a Fence Around Your Pool

Ameristar Montage 4 ft 2 rail flush bottom pool fence

A swimming pool is great for entertaining during those hot summer months and doubles as a focal point for your backyard year round. Additionally, your home’s resale value and backyard functionality improve with the addition of a pool. However, when you add a pool, you have to think about adding additional landscaping, patio seating and even the proper fencing to complete your backyard oasis. Pool fencing is definitely something you will want to consider;  there are both pros and cons when it comes to putting a fence around your pool.

Many states and counties require that you have fence installed around your pool. However, if you don’t have that requirement where you live, you have a decision to make. Let’s dive into some things you should consider when making this decision!

Pros of Adding a Fence Around Your Pool

By far, the biggest benefit of adding a fence around your pool is the safety it brings!

You want everyone to be able to enjoy your pool, at anytime, so safety is important. By adding pool fencing you can help ensure that children and pets don’t get into the pool without your supervision. You can also ensure there are no accidents with falling into the pool when it’s dark or icy or raining outside.

Adding a fence around your pool will keep your backyard safe and fun for everyone!

Cons of Adding a Fence Around Your Pool

View Obstruction:

You spend all this time and money installing a brand new pool and you’re excited to enjoy it, however depending on the type of fence you choose, the view of your new oasis can be completely obstructed.

This is the main reason people don’t install a fence around their pool – they don’t want the view of their pool to be blocked! Additionally, people are often concerned that the cost of installing a pool fence will be too expensive.

The last thing people are wanting to do is spend more money after investing thousands of dollars into their pools. You can however find quality and affordable fencing and installation to ensure you get everything you want. You don’t have to skimp with Sierra Fence.

Still debating between having or not having a pool fence? Don’t worry, you can have the best of both worlds! We carry the highest quality, affordable pool fences including view through fences. With a view through fence you’re able to enjoy the safety that comes with a pool fence, but because the iron fencing allows you to see through the fence posts, you’re not completely giving up the view. You can now take in your breathtaking pool views while continuing to keep your family safe.

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